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    For most people welding isn't a career but a meens to complete a job in there trade. Curently I'm more of a welder than a fabricator but I do the best I can to reverse that every day little by little. And the only diference between a fabricator and myself is knowledge wich only comes with time and effort. I do the best I can to learn as much as possible every day.


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      So far, at 45 (46 next month), I am a master of none and a master of ...still none I just finished my first week of my new job, beat like heck. Unloading containers for a 10,000 sheetmetal wharehouse. Didn't know there was that much to know about rigging but I be learining!!! Tomorrow I use my new 200dx (only for stick, till I get my tig set next month), now, I'm going to check out this forum a little, then sack out Falling asleep on the way home is not safe
      I'm not late...
      I'm just on Hawaiian Time