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    Why is there not a direct link to the message board? To get to the message board you have to go through three different links. It would be easier to get to the forums and it would allow access to new members, who would otherwise not realize the forums exsist.
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    This should work for you
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      I meant for there to be like a link on the homepage to click on for new members to realize there is a forum for Miller. There used to be one when the message board first started, but now it would be very hard for a new member to come upon this area in this website.
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        me too!

        I've had the same problem..I finally just saved the link in my favorites. Miller needs to have a link to the forum on their home page not 2 clicks away. it was an accident the first time I ran across it. Maybe they will add a link on the home page in the future..I'm sure it would get more hits.
        Thanks, Farris
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          yea put a link on the homepage, advertise do something. this could be a great forum.


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            This forum does have alot of potential, but if the people that come to the website cant find it or dont know it exsists it will never reach its true potential.
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              Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass your suggestion along.

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                Google mesage board

                I usually just google "miller welds message board". Then just clicked on the first result. It works for me.


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                  Click on your favorites button at tha top of explorer and click add to favorites. This is the easiest way back to your favorite sites.


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                    How ironic.....

                    Klugger said: "To get to the message board you have to go through three different links"

                    That is soooo funny. I have the link to the board on my google homepage. When I want to look at the main site, I go through the message board.

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                      Thanks everyone for the feedback! We are in the process of reveiwing our site organization...and making it easier to get to this board is one of the items on our list. People come to our website for a variety of reasons and we try to help them get where they want to go as quickly as possible.

                      In the meantime, we did cut out one click by adding a link under the "Project Ideas & Plans" (from the home page). Hope this helps.


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                        Thank You, I think that will make the site much better and more accessable to new members.
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                          sounds good

                          That's sounds like a good idea!
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