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  • Smith's MIcro Torch

    I just looked into buying a Smith's O/A Micro Torch for some of the jewelry biz that I do, does anyone have any experience with these little guys???

    I am not related to this company in any way.


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    I have one and it's a great little torch. I mostly use it to free up parts that I only want to heat a small area. Many more uses of course, but worth every penny just for the few times I needed it.


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      Maybe one of the aviation guys will respond but they're sortof popular with the airframe builders. Victor has the J28 torch and another little squatty one. I got mine on ebay.
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        I have a Meco Aviator which i beleive was bought up by Smith....Bob
        Bob Wright


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          I believe he is talking about the "Little Torch" from Smith. I have one and its great for tiny work like jewelry and such. The Meco line was bought by Victor not Smith, and they have discontinued all but the Meco midget, and the quality is not what it used to be. Like a lot of Victor made tools they are made in Mexico and China, sad. Smith is still made in the USA and is actually improving their designs over time. Nice to see for once.

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            Thanks for the correction Aaron....Bob
            Bob Wright


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              I bought one and it's on it's way here.