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  • Big Blue Air Pac

    Just wanted to brag on Miller's Big Blue Air Pac. Awesome welder. We have had this one for almost a year now and it's great. A little pricey, well.. alot pricey but goes a great job. We have another truck on order with another Big Blue in it. Ours has the opitional jump start package and will start a dead CAT real easy. Also the built in air compressor runs a 3/4" impact with ease. Everybody in the shop is very impressed. Here's a couple of pics of it in our newest road truck. Sorry pics aren't better, gotta a new camera and haven't quit mastered it yet
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    COOL!!!! DROOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!! Do you have a flex hose out the truck for the exhaust?
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      Yep it exhausts out of the bottom. Only complaint is, its hard to service. The way its mounted in the truck the "service" side is forward so it had to be set back a little, But still can get to it. We wanted it to face the curb side so we didnt have any choice. The air compressor on it is an Ingersol rand rotary screw and does a great job.
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        So, do you order the truck with the Big Blue in it......or do you order a Big Blue and it comes with a fancy truck option for its packaging SSS
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          man thats a nice setup. bet its fun ordering big blue. you are a ture blue fan. injoy your new toy.
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            For the cost of the Big Blue, the truck should have been thrown in The truck is a 2006 C-7500 with a 250hp Cat [C7] and an Allison 6 spd AT trans. AC, cruise and Am/Fm. Everybody loves the truck. We have 5 Road service trucks and this is the first with AC and the Big Blue, we have another on order just like it but will be on an International chassis. Our other engine driven welders are [3] Bobcat 225d, [1] AEAD-200LE, and [1] DEL-200. The old AEAD-200 is gas, all the rest are Diesel. I have a Bobcat 225D at home as well. We work on electric line equipment [bucket trucks, trenchers etc] In MD, DE, and VA so the trucks get used alot. I enjoy seeing pics of road trucks and shops, it gives us ideas
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