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  • weld table

    anybody have some pics of a heavy duty welding table? I would like some ideas for my new one.

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    In the foreground you can see part of ONE of our tables. It's a skeleton design, which we favor for most of our fabrication work, made of 3" x 3" x 5/16" angle.
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      This time you can see a different table in the background made of the same material. Sorry these really aren't table pics, but maybe you can see enough of them to at least see what we are using.
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        It is not a welding table but I use it for a workbench and a welding table. I always weld jigs to it.
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          No pics but my table has a 1" thick x 48" x 96" top. It is 32" from floor to the top surface. It has a 4" ship channel frame with 6" HD casters.---MMW---

          edit-- Don't forget to leave an overhang for clamping stuff.
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            nice tables

            Loks like Mac has some nice tables..I'm sure they come in handy.
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              Here is a pic of my welding table

              48x 48 x 1" thick, has lots of overhang to clamp stuff to. 1 foot is adjustable to take any rock out of it. Each leg has a holder for the tig torch.

              Next time the only thing I would do different is, make it 48 x 96, and instead of the cross bracing currently going around the outside of the bench at the bottom. Would be to run them diagonally into the center, and have the lower "foot rail" in about another 6 inches. This will allow more room for the foot pedal.
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                over hang

                You're right a person needs to remember to leave some overhang for clamping..
                Thanks, farris
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