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  • Trail blazer 302

    took ownership of a new trailblazer 302 back in october, anyone else run one? What do you think of this model? Also got a suitcase mig and a tig set (never tried scratch start tig before. or any tig for that goes, any suggestions).

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    You got some NICE equipment. What are you planning to do with it? There are several here that run the new TB302. I still use its older brother, the TB301G. Which SuitCase did you get? I've been running a very old Millermatic 80A (not a powersource all-in-one like modern Millermatics) which is a remote-controlled CV feeder, but was also recently given a Lincoln LN-25 which I am still getting used to.

    I've only done some scratch-start TIG with my machine in DC on steel so far, but you have lift-arc, which you will like much better.

    This forum has a couple of sisters if you want more feedback and response. Try and


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      The suitcase is a 12 rc. I bought this machine because my shop is not set up to run welders, and also to do some mobile welding when called upon, (whenever that day comes).


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        trailblazer 302

        I too recently purchased a 302 and a 12 rc feeder and couldn't be happier. It has been the best purchase I've made so far. I live in South Dakota and have bee very impressed with its starting and operating in exterme cold.


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          You have a great setup. Like MAC702, I also run a TB301G and love it. I have the Kohler on mine and also like it better than the Onan's I have had on previous machines (both are great engines). The only complaint on mine is that the so-called "stainless" sheetmetal I ordered on it is rusting. At first I thought maybe I had inadvertantly thrown some sparks on it with a grinder, but it's also rusting on the back side right behind the truck cab. No performance issues whatsoever though. I think the enhancements on the 302 would make it an even nicer machine. I had a 12VS because I didn't want to add interconnecting cable (which is fairly expensive) to reach out a long ways from the machine. The 12RC is equal, if not better in performance, however. Anyone who doesn't buy a Trailblazer over a Bobcat is crazy unless they plan to use primarily as a generator. There's not a huge price difference, but there IS a huge difference in performance.


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            I upgraded from a Bobcat 225 to a Trailblazer 302 around the first of October. I'm an amateur welder but even I can tell a night and day difference in the operation of the Trailblazer over the Bobcat. I intend to mainly weld pipe fence and the usual farm repairs and projects.


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              I too have upgraded form the bobcat to the Trailblazer302. I have the RC12 and the HF251D. The tb302 welds in all three processes very well. I use the HFbox mainly for aluminum, but have done stainless. It does quite well. I use to use a mm175 for my mig, It was very under powered for what I want. So I bought The RC12, and love it.
              Miller Trailblazer 302
              Miller 12 RC wire feeder
              Miller HF 251D-1
              Miller 175 wire feed


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                I just bought one for the company I work for. We use it primarily for stick on light structural and mig on ductwork. My guys just love it. There isn't much price difference between the two and as far as I'm concerned they are miles apart.
                I looked at the lincoln as well, but never concidered it due to its piss-poor 3 wheeled cart (Sure we could have built one, but who has the time...) and the fact we couldn't get the same features on thier LP model. (We do some indoor work)


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                  Storing/Mounting your Welder.

                  I've got the bug once again!

                  I've really been putting off buying a $4000+ welder just to say that I have one, because I'm mostly a hobbiest, but just this week I saw a 2005 Bobcat 225, 14 hours, mounted on a trailer, 2 50' cables, ready to go for $3500. I was ready to buy, but missed the auction "Buy it Now" by my lunch hour.

                  When I first stared welding I thought a motor driven welder would be the only way to go for me. I have a little property, 2 buildings, but no real shop, and even less places to plug in a welder. Right now I have a MM 175 and a RedBox AC/DC Stick machine that I plug in via either a 90' 6/3 home made cable or a 50' 8/3 store bought cable or both. I'm still doing all of my welding outside and always moving the equipment around, so I'm back to thinking a trailer mounted Trailblazer 302 is the best way to go.

                  My big problem is what to do with the welder when I'm not using it. I'd mount it in the truck, but I don't want to dedicate the truck for welding. I was thinking more of trailer mounting it so I could leave it at home or take it when I needed it, but do I want another trailer to taking up space. I've also seen the wheel kits that mount to bottom of the welder, but that seems like it would be hard to move around and push/pull onto another trailer.

                  So I'm just looking for some idea and pictures of how you other people have setup their welders on trucks, trailers, or carts.

                  Thanks for your time,


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                    Tb 302 off road cart

                    This cart was made for a tb 302 with torches on the back and a 12 rc feeder on the top.
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