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DVI being discontinued??

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  • DVI being discontinued??

    I notice that the DVI is no longer showing up on the MIG products listing, and if you click through the product index to the product page, it shows a list price of 0$ (wish it were so). Anyone know if the product is being discontinued? I was considering buying one, and if it's going away I'll need to hurry, but if it's being replace by an improved model, I'll want to wait.

    Thanks for any info.


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    Can't say I'd be surprised to see it discontinued. I really saw an extremely narrow niche for it. Only portable machines would need a dual-voltage input, mostly.

    If you have the room for a machine that size, it's usually WELL worth the cost to get a 240V receptacle installed for it and go with one of the finest machines in Miller's line, the MM210

    Why were you considering the dual-voltage? Have you looked at the Millermatic Passport instead? Do you need any kind of aluminum capability (most do not, realistically)?


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      Product Data

      Just to let you know...

      I did an upload of the data that supports our Web site and it looks like there was a little glitch. It is now fixed and the DVI is back in the list.

      Sorry for the confusion!



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        Phew - thanks, Mr. Admin!



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          Mac, I can understand your point, as most hybrid machines are a compromise and don't do anything well. But having gone through the math, the DVI sits just about exactly midway between the 180 and 210 in terms of both power output and cost. Instead of being a compromise, the DVI running on 230 is of equivalent value to the 180 or 210 in terms of $ per watt, plus you get the 120V capability for free. I do have access to 230 in my basement, but not in my garage, and it would be difficult to add there. So if I end up wanting to work on a tractor or something, it might be an advantage. Sure, I may end up never using the DVI on 120V, but like I said, it's pretty much free.

          That's my current thinking, anyway - subject to change without notice!



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            If you're like me and don't have any more room in the electric panal to add another circuit for 220 to the garage, and running an extension cord from the drier to the garage is a major PITA, but do have 110 available, the DVI and Passport (my choice) make a lot of sense. Much of what I weld can be easily done on 110, but when I need the extra HP I can take the trouble to run an extension cord. A DVI would also be great for our shop at work that has 30 amp 110 outlets in every work bay, but only a few widely spaced 220 outlets.
            The multi-voltage is an important feature for me, and I'm sure a number of others. In my case it was also worthwhile to spend the extra coin for the Passport for the compact size and portability, and I couldn't be happier.