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Welding Table With Adjustable Legs

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  • Welding Table With Adjustable Legs

    I'd like to build a welding table that I can elevate about 12" when desired for other uses such as infeed/outfeed for the table saw or compound miter saw. I'm not sure if using threaded rod is the way to go. If so, do I then need to make the legs from tube? What type of collar is available for turning on the rod and elevating each leg individually? Also, I need some suggestions on what type of locking wheels should be used. Thanks.

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    use hitch tube dude.. and use hitch pins to adjust it.. i got one built that way and it works ausome.
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      Hitch Tube?

      Can you just walk in somewhere ask for 6' of hitch tube? Then, it gets cut down to size and you drill the holes for the hitch pin to secure it? Seems as if it should be strong enough even if the table weighs 200 or so. Any other specifics that I should know? I'm probably going to use the Miller welding table as my first project. I fired up the Mig for the first time tonight. I welded a little 3-piece right angle thing together. I was kind of discouraged with the quality of the welds and then realized I hadn't turned on the gas!! It sure makes a difference when the weld is shielded with gas...nice and shiny and pretty.


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        After the first time of turning all those threaded rods that far, you'll use blocks before doing it again. I'm with the receiver hitch material idea.


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          Well...where can you get the hitch tubing or does it need to be fabricated? I suppose a shop that installs auto/truck hitches would be a good place to start. Thanks for your post.


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            Questions are more easily answered when you have your location posted in your profile.

            Local steel suppliers often carry the exact tube designed for hitches in bulk.


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              Adjustable legs

              I have also considered using the threaded adjustable feet made for scaffolding. The feet have a 4 inch by 6 inch pad with about 18 inches of threaded rod connnected and a big wing nut for the adjustment. The local rental tool place sells them for about $12 a piece. The diameter of the threaded rod is about 1 1/8 inch or so. You didn't mention how big the table will be, but I would think that 4 of these would be fine for quite a big table.

              Just an idea.