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  • MAC702
    Duty cycle is often overrated for most users that aren't welding pipe all day long out in the field.

    Do you know how low the duty cycle is on your Thunderbolt?

    What do you plan on building?

    That said, if you are seriously looking at the next level, the MM210 has about the greatest reviews of any machine out there.

    If looking for more portability, my Passport is for sale.

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  • k.a.m.
    started a topic advice on new machine

    advice on new machine

    i want to replace my old miller 225ac with a more versitile machine i looked at the 180 millermatic specs and all was great except the duty cycle so now im leaning toward the thunderbolt 300 i like welding with 7018s and i have never welded mig i just dont know if the 180 will keep up with me any help would be appreciated