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I wish I had this guy's money

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    Originally posted by dabar39 View Post
    I custom built this guy a 24' trailer to fit his butterfly deck mowing tractor, You know the kind you see on the interstate. He bought it to move two of them to N. Carolina. He also had me convert a two horse trailer from a bumper pull to a goose neck. He now decides it will take too many trips to get all his stuff up north so he goes out and buys a brand new Peterbuit and a 53' trailer for the move. He calls me up this evening and asks me to pick up these trailers and if I would try and sell them for him. This guy has spent a ton of money for me to build this trailer, modify the other one and I also built him two motorized horse walkers as well. When I asked him what to ask for the new trailer he says I don't know its used, try to get me 2 grand for it (he picked it up last week and drove his tractor on and back off). Iwish I had money to throw away like that.
    he either has a TON of the greenstuff or is in debt up to his Eye ***** , nice looking trailer

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