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  • Welding Rig Trailer

    Does anyone know where I can find some plans to build a welding trailer? I'd like it to hold oxygen/acetylene bottles as well and maybe a big toolbox on the front.

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    trailer plans

    check the thread titled plans. Myself and a few others put some info there, if you need more help let me know and I'll try to help more. Dave
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      welding trailer

      hey clee7
      check out my welding trailer. i think it is on the 6th page of this site. i got my
      torch bottles and argon on it. i had to put them
      10in lower than the floor. so i could park it in my garage. no room in the shop .it is only a 6x10 tariler but you name it and it is on it .hope it helps.
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        I just got back an hour ago from looking at this guys trailer (sorry, no pics).
        He's a retired Pearl Harbor welder, now doing his own business, and is constantly busy. He's got the miller trailblazer 280, O/A bottles, and a small compressor (4hp) and a vice mounted on it, pulling with a newer looking Toyouta Tacoma. Has a slip on hole for his pipe notcher (uses the one from Lowbucks).
        Looks like the trailer was the same size as the one you buy with the trailblazer (but made his own). Pretty darn cool setup...
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          This site has a few photos:

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