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    Hey guys new to the board and I have a few ?
    I have a chance to get a Legend NT with the Onan engine.I think it has about 500 hrs on it.My question is its an LP machine.I wonder if it is more efficiant than gas?I think a gas drive would be more feasable.what do you do when you run out of lp and there is no lp places open to refill your tank?Can I convert it to gasoline?I don't know what year it is ,but it is clean.
    any opinions on this machine?
    thanks guys

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    I don't think they are easily convertable. The nice thing about LP is that your machine can stay full of fuel for a long time without it going bad like gasoline does; something to consider for a machine that might not get used every week. I looked at converting my gasoline Kohler to LP once, but couldn't find any info on doing it at the time.

    Also, LP engines will produce a little less power. Reduce your rated outputs by 10% as a general rule.


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      Buy a second tank and if all else fails, get a gas grill for the job site, the good thing about LP is you can work inside a building with it and not have to run leads 300 feet or more, them leads get expensive, and when going through mud,heavy and nasty, like my wife.... Hope this helps, I wish I had LP many times, but the cost was prohibitive when I bought my Bobus....Paul
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        yeah i was thinking about it being able to run it inside.I know most of our welders are lp in the plant that i use.I guess i could just get an extra tank our swipe the grills in a pinch lol