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Hello All, Im new here....

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  • Hello All, Im new here....

    Hello All,

    My name is Alex and I just bought a new Miller Syncrowave 200 to learn and grow with TIG welding. I have a Lincoln 135 Mig welder that has made me love this hobby as I do. TIG was the next move for me that I had been contemplating for a long time and I've finally made the move. i will always love my Mig welder but the beauty and self-satisfaction of Tig in my opinion is unsurpassed.

    I have been reading on this and other forums for a while now and have seen the wealth of knowledge and expertise that in my opinion is invaluable...and the best part is that its free...we all share this same passion!!!

    I want to learn how to TIG and I know it is a long long long long process. i am willing to wait as I know the rewards are also great. I already have been practicing on aluminum and am pleased with my results which I will post tonite as soon as I get home for my positive critique session.

    I would like to know more about Amps, PPS and Balance settings and how they come into play according to metal thickness, penetration and bead quality.

    I have read here a few different views and would like your opinions if possible.

    As I mentioned I have a Syncro 200, I am using Ceriated, Pure and Lanthanated 3/32 tungstens and my main goal is ALUMINUM welding.

    I also forgot to ask a quick quiestion, when Im starting the bead and the weld puddle on aluminum< i sometimes get this very bright spark that overpowers my lens and i have to stop the arc. What can this be caused by???

    Thanks again for any help!

    Any help in this long love affair will be greatly appreciated!!!



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    welcome to the site. lots of good advice here but it would realy help to have a book to go over to get the basics. Miller has a good TIG book thats free to download on there site. its also in there student pack wich is a good investment at $25 and if they are still doing it the free jacket is prity nice also and for $.37 (for the stamp) you gotta love it.
    the syncrowave 200 loks like a realy nice upgrade from the sync.180 you should realy like it.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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