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  • roll off dumperster design

    I currently have a 12yd3 commercially built dump bed trailer that we use for construction debris on small jobs. It's seen better days. Right now I'm at the point of needing to put in a new floor, some box cross members and a little wall work. The idea I've been kicking around is of stripping the box down to the box frame rails and building my own version of a roll off system. There are some companies around town that run F-450/550 sized roll off trucks and 5-8yd3 boxes for residential remodeling and such. That's where my idea came from, only building back to the 10-12yd3 size. While I can easily design my own lift, rail, and boxes (probable 2-3 boxes would be enough for me) my question is if anyone knows whether or not there are any industrial standards for the these types systems. I'd hate to build my own design and find out that if I spread the frame another 3 inches it could be used with all the other boxes out there, or something else that simple that couldn't be changed very easily down the line.

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