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Not using HF for tig.

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  • Not using HF for tig.

    I was wondering.. i have a old stick welder i converted to a tig and used a old AEC 200 module to bulid a switch.. but is there a way to weld aluminum without HF .. i havent tryed,, so i thought i'd ask first..I dont want to buy a new welder.. but i have tonnes of old welder parts i can make somthing out of.
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    as i understand it its needed to maintain the arc wile switching. the new inverters do it so fast its posible to drop off the HF after its started but the transformers need it on all the time, so a buzz box would also need HF continous.
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      You can get a Hi Freq module from miller. you hook it up to an AC constant curent machine and then you can do aluminum. You aslo use them when doing aluminum more than 25' away from your machine since Hi Freq can only be efective up to a 25' lead. (This does not mean 25' is a safe enough distance for sensitive unprotected electronics as Hi Freq can still have enough energy to damage them at long distances.) There about $500 I beleive. Just remember, always drop the rated amperage on the duty cycle on the power source by 30%. For example, if the machine is rated for 100 amps at 60% duty cycle, then it only can run 80 amps at 60% duty cycle. Hi Freq on sine wave machines creates a phenomena known as DC component. The Hi Freq creates a revolving current that cycles back into the welders transformer creating extra heating in the transformer. If you do not derate the amperage then you can blow the transformer from over heating the machine.