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  • Miller DVI????

    Hello I'm new here, just wondering if anyone knew anything about the DVI. I currently have a Lincoln 135 and want to upgrade. Right now I only need to weld up to 3/16 but thinking about going with a bigger welder just in case. Since the DVI is dual voltage,,, what I want to know is how does the DVI compare with the Miller 210 while operating on 220 volts. I know the duty cycle is slightly greater on the 210, but really won't have an effect on my decision. Also I would like to know if you can weld the small gauge stuff while plugged into 220 with the DVI or if you have to change it to 110. Thanks ahead of time for your input.


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    The Millermatic DVI has a very nice short arc and does a very nice job on thin material plugged into either 115 or 230 volt input power. As far as differences between the DVI and the Millermatic 210, the Millermatic 210 has a higher duty cycle, more top end weld output, is easier to hook a spoolgun to and has gun on demand.

    Both units are fully capable of welding the material thicknesses you are contemplating it comes down to what features you want.

    If the output differences are not a driving factor then my opinion is, "if you plan on putting a spoolgun on the machine buy the Millermatic 210". The gun on demand feature is well worth the extra cost and as a bonus you get the extra weld output, this is of course unless you have to have the 115 volt input capability that the Millermatic DVI offers.

    Hope this helps,

    Kevin Schuh
    Service Technician
    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.