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  • Insurance For Welding Business

    I'm starting my own welding business on the side and I'm having a hard time finding Business Ins. I live in Pennsylvania and It's like I'm hitting a wall trying to find Insurance for Liability and Etc. I do alot of Tig welding. I worked for a Cryogenic Company for 7.5 years and now I'm in the BioTech Industry. But I'm trying something on the side and having problems getting Ins., or Don't know how to go about getting it.

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    you need to find an agent who deals with small business.I had a good deal of trouble at first too.You will have to do a self audit on the types of work you do,do not do any trailer hitch work at all I was told "we dont sell that type of coverage" alot, you have to push these folks a bit,as soon as they think you cant make them any money they get off the phone.My agent has my liability through Scotsdale Ins.


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      Same issue

      I live in PA also and am having a difficult time, if you become successful, please post your results, Thanks


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        Here's just a few things I've run accross with ins. Don't over insure yourself. What I mean by that is only get coverage for what you know you will be doing on a regular basis. Insurance company don't like the words "mobile welding" from what I've run into. If you are only doing stuff at your place, only insure your area and work. Put together a complete list of the items that you want to be working on. Depending on the company they may having variable rates for what the products will be (hence the no trailer hitches idea). Don't forget to use the time you have already in the field of work toward your expeirence level. My company just wanted time spent in a particular field, not owning a company in it. Also, check with the carrier you have your home A/O auto coverage with. If you have a good record with them, they may be a little more willing to look at some commercial coverage as well. I'd ask around some of the welding shops / suppliers and see if anyone will give you some contacts around town. I've found that the smaller the agent, the more they usually are willing to work with you and help you out.

        Hope that helped some,
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          Welding Ins. For Business

          I did search around and I even went threw my own insurance company that I have for my homeowners, and they wanted 18,000 a year. I think the insurance company my agent went threw didn't want to be bothered. This seems like this is holding me back . Because I dodn't want to advertise without having liability ins.

          And Thank You for the advise I 'll keep on trying!!


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            I don't weld for a living but I do own a small business. I get my liability through a company called SAFCO. I carry 2 mill for about $100.00 a month.