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    Does anybody have an opinion on tip brand, price vs. life of tips?

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    I've been using the Bernard Center Fire consumables with great success for the past six months. I had all the machines at work converted to the Center Fire tips and difussers, and since then we have cut our MIG consumable cost down nearly 75%. Since the conversion we haven't had any porosity problems due to worn nozzle insulators, and even on windy days with the bay door open we don't usually have porosity trouble. Another thing that I like about the center fire consumables is the tip stays centered in the nozzle, and will never come out and into the weld like friction fit tips can. Our rep from the supplier also told me that the center fire consumables are cheaper to buy than the older traditional Bernard ones, due to less manufacturing costs.

    I highly recommend trying the Center Fire consumables out, they are made for various types of guns, and they are made to last.

    Dynasty 300DX
    Esab PCM 1000


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      Most of my tips are Lincoln or Miller brand, depending on where I bought them. I get the Miller brand at my LWS, but Home Depot only sells the Lincoln brand. The nice thing is that even though the thread count and pitch are different, the tolerances are such that Lincoln tips will tighten and work just fine in a Miller gun, but I hear the vice-versa isn't true.


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        I get mine from ebay seller welders4less, 50 cents each and free shipping if you get a roll of wire...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          I haven't tried them personaly, but I hear theres some prety good stuff for factory coated spater resistant tips and cones. There supposed to resist spater very well, If anyone has tried them let me know how well they fair.