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    does anybody have any easy metal projects that i can do in metal shop i only have a few months left of school before graduation something that should only take a few days im looking for something in the beginner to intermediate range please
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    tell us maybe some of your hobbies and interest and we might be able to help you out.


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      ill do almost anything like archery games im willing to do anything, i just need something to do b4 i gt yelled at by the teacher lol
      lincoln 140c
      with spool gun attachment


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        I built a boat anchor in my tech class fairly simple.


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          i was in the same situation last week. so i thought about it and decided to make something to hang my shirts on. took some 2 by 1 tubing and then welded 3 peices of 1/2" tubing to it. mounted it to the wall, and now my ma is happy my shirts arent hanging from a chair.


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            ease project

            back when i was taking welding class in 1978 or 79 i made a set of car stands useing 1.5 id pipe with a smaller size pipe inside the 1.5 that fits snug but still slides smooth split the 1.5 on 3 sides to sprad for the legs and weld .5 in strap around the legs then drill .5in holes thure both pipes to rise and lower at the top i used a pece of 2in strap to fit the car frame i still use them today i got an A on that project good luck srl welder. saying of the day is. if you havent got all the things you want be grateful for the things you dont have that you dont want.
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              Since you like archery games, you could try building a 'plinker', like used for rifle target practice. A simple stand that holds revolving targets that make noise and move when they are hit.

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                welding project

                I'm looking at welding me one of these pretty soon:

                it's a worthwhile small project.


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                  Easy Projects...

                  Hey w/m251,
                  Here are a couple ideas for you to look at and maybe get some ideas. They are:
                  Rifle Bench Rest(2 pics)
                  Lawn Flower Holder
                  Patio Table
                  I'll try to send more...good luck....Denny
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                    heres some stuff i made and i own the helmet
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