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    i understand this is a miller site but does ne body kno if they cancelled the lincoln sp 125 mig welder my dad said he has one and he got his before they cancelled it
    lincoln 140c
    with spool gun attachment

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    Originally posted by weldingman251 View Post
    ...does ne body kno if they cancelled the lincoln sp 125 mig welder ...
    It's not shown on their website as a current product. Can't say for sure, but I imagine it's been replaced by the SP-135 series for new production - sort of like the MM175 has been replaced by the MM180 in the Miller lineup.
    Tom Veatch
    Wichita, KS


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      I don't think that the SP-125+ has been a production model for some time now, I have ran a few that friends have and it welds real nice. New model at Lowes, the Pro-Core 125 with 5 taps might be a replacement though.
      Regards, George

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        yea my dad owns an sp 125 it runs awesome hes teaching me on it and everything i weld with on it seems to come out beautifully yea he watches over my shoulder but that is how i learn being told where to weld and advises me when im at school by giving me ideas on how to do the work by myself w/o the teachers help like making jigs or wheteher or not i should stick or mig weld something but yea i saw the pro core yesterday in lowes in hanover pa
        lincoln 140c
        with spool gun attachment