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    Originally posted by Coalsmoke View Post
    See, I wouldn't have tried to weave that, I would have gone good old stringers hot and quick. I would be surprised if the specs specified that it had to be a weave, or that a weave was permissable but there are things I don't know
    Oops, yup the specs also called for stringers, sorry about that.


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      I have done a thousand of them with no backing plates too, backgouge and weld a single pass with 5/32 overhead


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        I had some neat old job pics like Carl has, I lost them in a fire and even looked for the negatives that had a bunch of splice work similar to this one.
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          Ironworker needs a little guidance here!!

          Hey guys bare with me here---I'm new to this site. I've been an ironworker for roughly 4 years and most of the time as a connector. I've passed a welding cert test roughly 10 years ago (I believe 1" unlimited). I'm not really up on the terminology so I might be wrong. I've got a test coming up this following Monday, and I'm really sweating it. The steel ******** company wants (I believe) to put me on welding moments and I've never done this before. I know the root pass should be run hot but other than that I'm kinda in the dark. All of my experience is with 7018's and 6022's running decking (1/4" rods). I'm not a "weaver"---all of my welds have been "stringers". Ya'll, I've got a family of 5 riding on this weld cert test coming up, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't know if I'm gonna be welding coupons or actual moments for the test.