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Spoolgun workout!!!!

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  • Spoolgun workout!!!!

    Yesterday i welded in my neighbors dump truck bed with my spoolgun to get the reach. I used 4 1/2 rolls of .030 S6 steel wire before my feet hit back on the ground. I don't know who else uses 4 rolls at one sitting but the spoolgun was perfect, more than i can say about my legs . There was a guy bad mouthing the little spoolguns on one of the 30 groups i am on and i will stick up for them. So yes they are worth the money even if you don't do alum work...Bob
    Bob Wright

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    Sounds like a real workout to me, the small spoolguns have always had a place, and IMO always will. That guy sounds just like the dummies thay say that SMAW is almost dead ...
    Regards, George

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      Being mostly portable, I've always found the spoolgun to be an indispensible tool. I keep stainless, aluminum, and regular hard wire in the 4" spools on the truck, along with the appropriate gas, so anytime I come across something I can't weld with stick, I am prepared. Even MS, sometimes you have to weld light sheet metal, spoolgun's perfect, I can't count how many times I've had to weld a door hinge or tailgate on a ranch truck. I'm well into my second spoolgun now, probably in a couple years be getting a new one (they do wear out, you know).


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        I keep a large roll of .045 dual shield in my MM251 and use the spool gun when I need smaller wire. I was just using it yesterday with .035 S6 steel wire on a little project. Sure the small rolls of wire are more expensive, but sure are convenient.


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          Originally posted by NorthernLights View Post
          Sure the small rolls of wire are more expensive, but sure are convenient.
          I rewind my own in all metals. Sure i have some time in the winding process but i could be watching "Another 48 Hrs" on HBO for the 65 time ...Bob
          Bob Wright