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  • dynasty 300dx hi freqency

    my 300 dx is a couple of years old. I'm a farmer so it doesn't have a lot of hours. Sometimes it seems the arc just won't start. I usually weld carbon steel on a clean 3/4" 4x8 table with the gound on a leg. 3/32 cerium or thorium. Most of the time it fires right up. Other times it won't. I can hear a high freqency buzz, but no arc. Get the tunngsten closer and closer, still nothing! Touch electrode and it makes a shorted sound and sticks. I've found that moving the filler close to the gap starts the arc. Is it my machine, poor ground or me ?


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    I`ve noticed the same on my arc at first, but tap the filler rod to the work piece and all is well. Who knows??

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      I had the same problem with a 300dx at the Vo-tech that i teach at (part time). Not sure what it was exactly , but they sent it out and they said it was an easy fix... I hope this helps



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        Originally posted by Wheels View Post
        I`ve noticed the same on my arc at first, but tap the filler rod to the work piece and all is well. Who knows??

        I always have to tap filler to the work on my uncle's 180sd to get the arc to start up.


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          Had that same problem with my new D200DX when I got it, called the tig guys at Miller and was told to run a 0.010 feeler through the points (of course only if I felt comfortable doing that) and it hasn't missfired yet. You guys might call Miller tig and ask them.
          Regards, George

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            Per the guys in the welding shop

            I've had the same problem welding steel, the guys the weld shop suggested to tap the tungsten on the material once before hitting the petal. I've never had the problem with a fresh ground tungsten, so I'm thinking there's a tad bit of gunk on the tip. Anyway the tap seems to knock it off.
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              I am having a problem with my Dynasty 300 DX when welding aluminum, when I try to initiate my arc the torch wants to surge the arc on and off and then I move the torch closer and push down farther on my pedal increasing my amps and then it smoothes out.
              This never happened on my synchrowave so Im wondering if its a characteristic of this inverter.


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                My syncrowave at work does it sometimes...(for me that means like 50-or more times a day? out of several thousand starts) I think Fred Smith got it right...just a little crud on the tung! Running a biz card thru the points keeps 'em clean and seems to help also.

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