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Thermal Arc experts? Getting a new machine.

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  • Thermal Arc experts? Getting a new machine.

    Hi all, I'm been TIG shopping for several weeks and have considered several machines. Well, last nite a Thermal Arc 200 inverter showed up on eBay for a decent Buy It Now price so I jumped on it. Its new but it's the one that doesn't include all the accessories and I'm finding those to be quite expensive. I'm a newbie so here comes some potentially stupid questions: The machine uses 50mm Dinse plugs. Do I need a TIG torch with the 50mm Dinse connector already installed or it it possible to convert one to 50mm if it had a 25mm installed? The big question is the foot control. The TA unit uses an 8 pin connector but they offer a cord to convert it to a 14 pin. The advantage there would be the fairly common supply of Miller remotes on eBay at a lower price than the $256 quote I got on the TA remote. I'll also need to obtain a ground clamp but that should be a little easier. Feel like I got myself into a bit of a challenge here. Any help\suggestions GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
    Tulsa, OK

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    Hi flatwins, and welcome to the site!

    The resident Thermal expert isn’t around at the present time, but he will be glad to help you! He welcomes any opportunity to bash Miller and Hobart products on their sites!


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      WHOA! Got your panties in a bunch today Scooter?


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        Originally posted by Scott V View Post
        I think it's funny, in that you are the one person on the planet that could not get a Thermal one torch to work right.
        I don’t know which side of your face you’re talking out of Scooter. First you suggest I buy the 1-Tourch, when it doesn’t work you say I should have done my research. No one can get them to work! Now you post I’m the only one who can’t get it to work!

        Are you schizophinic? You’re sure hard to keep up with!


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          Hey flatwins welcome.
          To each his own. but to get rid of any headaches present or future GO BLUE TWO THUMBS WAY UP.
          Great product,costomer service


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            I'm not an expert and I have no Thermal arc experience but you should be able to get 50MM dinse connectors from a local welding supply and put them on the torch and ground leads at the machine. When you buya Miller tig machine the dinse connectors were included with it so when you decide what torch you want, you can install them and hook them up to your machine.

            As far as the 8 to 14 pin adapter, I havent got a clue. Your local welding supply shop should be able to guide you in the right direction, if they can't or won't then I'd be looking for a new welding supplier.


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              Originally posted by Scott V View Post
              Gee, you got all sorts of advice for the Blue guys, just no help though!!
              Maybe because you’re the only one here that’s 50-years old, and still lives with his mommy, and splits his day between hanging out at the LWS, and playing on the internet.
              You only give advice on buying products, and weld settings, never once have I seen where you helped anybody build something. At best you post a few pictures of picture perfect 4-inch long welds. Truth be known you probably get them from Dan anyway!

              If this advice is worth as much as what you gave me, it might as well go in one ear and out the other. If you stay true to form, when your advice goes wrong you’ll deny it all!!!!!! In the two years I’ve known you, all I’ve seen you bring to the table is a sharp tongue, and fantastic backstroke.

              After 2-years with that POS cnc shape cutter of yours, and the best you can cut is that lion? PLEASE!

              Now that’s “total talent”!


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                i would go threw ssc for the foot controle, they make the factory one for the TA's thats what i got with my TA-185. many prefer it to the miller version any way as its lower and wider, just more user frendly. i have not tryed the miller one only looked at it and can see how the ssc one has some advantages in comfort and usability. you should be able to get one for under $200 closer to $150 i would think.
                here is a link to there e-bay store if you cant find the controle you need shoot them an e-mail and they will fix you up with what you need.

                as for the dins conectors looks like you got that taken care of. but for future needs and or referance i have found that arc-zone is realy good aboout ansering any questions about that type of stuff and carry most all the parts you could need. here is there link. they have helped me out on many questions and have fast service when you do order from them.

                hope this helps out, sorry about the bickering above. and welcome to the site.
                thanks for the help
                hope i helped
                feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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                  Scott, what do you do for a living? no offence but if you are a full time care giver for your mom how can you afford all the toys you have? who pays you to take care of her? i would assume the government? you sure do your share of buying things and no hint of a real job anywhere.
                  The one that dies with the most tools wins

                  If it's worth having, it's worth working for


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                    Isn't he the one with the rich girlfriend????

                    I knew I should'a married for money . . .


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                      I guess the truth hit a nerve!

                      My accident, and being on disability really bothers you doesn’t Scott? Is that the best come back you have? Well at least before, and after my accident I was a very productive citizen. I’ve built landmarks, what’s your biggest achievement Scott? Telling people what product to buy?

                      How much money does your mom have left in her account after you buying all this equipment? With you not having a job! The poor woman has to be about broke by now! So when she is totally broke, you move south put your mom in that home you were talking about, and mooch off your girl friend, is that your plan?

                      You really should be careful what you tell me in E-mails then later turn on me on the internet. Want to keep going? I got lots more for you!


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                        are ya exchanging christmas cards this year


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                          Originally posted by Scott V View Post
                          My girlfriend is somewhat rich but I will never see any of it.
                          That’s because she sees your true colors!


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                            Originally posted by Scott V View Post

                            We were able to work out a trust and use her
                            pension to have her be my employer.
                            Tax ID and
                            she pays quarterly taxes. If that is living off the
                            government, let me know how???. I could apply
                            for SSI as a caregiver but this way was just leaving
                            the government out of it. If we did not figure
                            out this way to do things, my mom would of
                            been on Medicaid and all the assets would
                            of dried up long ago. Then she would receive
                            care from a care center funded by the government.

                            I also have a Brother and a Sister that chose to
                            turn a blind eye on the whole deal.

                            I practice what I preach in the area of government

                            My girlfriend is somewhat rich but I will never see any of it.
                            so your mommy pays your bills? what happens when that dries up.....oh yeah that's where the girlfriend comes in. i got to hand it to you Scott, you are smarter than i gave you credit for.
                            The one that dies with the most tools wins

                            If it's worth having, it's worth working for


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                              Originally posted by Scott V View Post

                              So go a head and be really smart Mr. tigman and I just hope nothing like this hits your family.

                              i can assure you if something like that does happen to my loved ones, the last thing on my mind will be spending their money on welders, bikes, or whatever else tickles my fancy from one month to another.
                              The one that dies with the most tools wins

                              If it's worth having, it's worth working for