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  • J hall
    According to my chart, a 50" run of 10ga copper should handle 45 amps 240volt with 2% voltage drop.

    The information I have says that a branch circuit to an individual motor should be selected on the basis of carrying.125% of the full load current of the motor.

    The generic chart that I have shows that a 5hp single phase 240v motor should have a full load amperage of 28 amps, so you would size your wire for 35 amps

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  • x-ray
    Well, some black electrical tape on the white wire will identify it to any would be electrician the wire is hot. Now I dont see the deal with the 12/2 -12/3 wire as you only have two hots ?

    FWIW, my compressor is only 16amps running and it will be going on a 10/2 dedicated circuit.

    Anybody off hand know if say a 50' run for my compressor will have to much voltage drop on start up or running for the 10ga wire? TIA.

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  • neophyte
    started a topic Shop Electrical

    Shop Electrical

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering if anyone out there had a copy of the NEC. I have an inspector telling me I can't run a 20 amp 240 air compressor circuit on 12-2 and reidentify the white as black. He stated that I needed to run 12-3. If my internet search on the Pass & Seymour web was correct, NEC Sec 200-7 covers this but they do not go into enough detail on the website regarding this issue.

    I know the inspector is always right!!........ but in this case I am pretty sure that he is wrong and him being wrong means more money out the door on a roll of 12-3.

    Wiring in the new shop and garage is complete. I ran 6-3 for the welder and 8-3 for the RV hookup. Have a total of 58 electrical openings for 960 sqr ft. Should be able to find an outlet or a light at most every turn. I plan on throwing in a mess of insulation tomorrow.

    Your help is appreciated...