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John Force...14 time national champion

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  • John Force...14 time national champion

    Congratulations to John and Team Force on their 14th Championship. Their cars finished 1st, 2nd, and 4th in the 2006 NHRA Funny Car.championship. All exclusively welded with Miller Dynasty 300 sd welders! bOb
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    I use to love to watch John Force race. But haven’t seen much drag racing on TV in the last few years. We have Direct TV, funny have over 900 channels, and still nothing to watch!


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      Sometimes I wonder if the Nitro is in the car or in John!!! Atleast you know when he is having a good time!

      I agree congrats to the Force of John!


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        I'm glad he made it back to the top. I used to go to the drags a couple of times a year, but lost my meal ticket a few years ago.
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          My dad took me to the drags years back. I always enjoyed watchen them. I did tune in a little over the weekend. pretty exiting. three championships were decided the last few runs of the classes. thats pretty close racing in my book. I still remember holding don prudhome's ice cream while he autographed my program back in 1976. I was only 12 but I still remember It. Thats the only thing I remember from ther whole day. Congrads to John Force !!!!!!!!!
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            You spoiler! (my buddy tapes the races for me)
            Force pulls it out again. What a final event!!
            Too bad NHRA is messing with the points deal next year.
            Very cool that you built the chassis. Is there a Bob's welding school?


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              JayB, sorry for spoiling it for you. It was a heckuva final race for the pro categories. Top Fuel going to the very last run of the season to decide the champ. I agree with you about NHRA screwing with the points could it be better than this years? If it ain't broke, don't fix it There is no Bobs Welding school at this time...anyone wanna invest in one?
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                BIG Congrats go to John and his whole team!!!
                Been a fan, and even a participant, of NHRA drag racing for many years.
                Always loved to see Big John make a win....he's even been known to see Elvis at the top end.... Makes ya wonder if those nitro fumes do something to the brain.

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