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  • slag removal

    Hi everyone
    I have a question that I have been thinking of for awhile now and trying to figure it out but can't come up with a reason so I am going to ask the experts. Here it is, I notice that sometimes when I am running a 7013 rod I go to chip off the slag and it is already coming loose and all but falls off it self. Is this normal and is it hurting my welds. I just can't seem to figure why this does this. Thanks for your time

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    slag be gone

    I'd say that you have your heat set at just the right temp When ever
    this happens to me I know that everything is at the right temp for my work
    piece. It will also have something to do with the rod your using as well, I
    myself have never used 7013 but Im sure that has something to do with it
    This is all good if you ask me and it will not do anything to your welds,
    If anything its great, less grinder work, anytime you have less grinder
    work the better for everybody. Thats my take on it I don't now what the other guys think.
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    and easily upset
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      I've never used 7013, but I know with 7018 if you ever have everything going just right, like your amperage and your travel speed are spot on, the slag can separate from the weld on it's own. Kind of curl up. Makes cleaning the slag off a very easy chore!


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        Agree, when the slag peals off by itself, you got everything right.


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          Hey thanks everyone for clearing that up for me. I did make one mistake and that was I said that I was using a 7013. It was a 7018 sorry about that I guess old age is catching up with me and the old eyes don't work very good anymore. I knew you folks could answer my question. This board and the people on are great. Thank you very much.