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Spoolmate 3035 spoll gun?

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  • Spoolmate 3035 spoll gun?

    Hi everybody, my question is would the spoolgun weld good on cast AL?
    my boss just purchashed a Millermatic 210 with spoolgun. Maybe you guys could give some pointers on how set it up right.

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    the Miller site should have some videos on how to set it up


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      So what is the max thickness it will weld?


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        Never used a 3035, just a 30A, but it should work w/ the right wire. All the spool gun does is allow you to run aluminium (or mild steel, flux-core, stainless etc...) wire w/o a push/pull type drive system. The max thickness will still be the 210's max which is 3/8" single pass. Although, it might be less on cast Al.


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          My first welding job with my MM185 and spoolgun was welding a fixture from 1/2" alum angle. All joints were preheated a little with a propane torch then welded, the weld flowed like butter and it paid for 90% of the spoolgun and an argon bottle price. But it wasn't the first time i ever welded alum so i kinda new what the gun/welder would do...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            Hello SS,
            The purpose of the Spoolmate 3035 is to allow you to feed soft small diameter aluminum wires. Cast aluminum can be welded with the Mig process. 4000 series aluminum filler wires work well on most cast aluminum. 4043 and 4047 being the most common and readily avaialble. The parameter chart on the inside cover of the MM210 will provide good starting settings. Realistic material thickness range on aluminum is 14 ga to 3/8". As earlier mentioned some preheat can help to provide better starts and weld appearence. There is a Aluminum Hints article that comes with the Spoolmate guns. Lots of good information for the guy that is new to aluminum welding. I will also attach a link to that article on the Miller web site for those who don't have the Spool gun yet.


            I hope this helps,


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              Hey thanks for all the replys guys, but we just got the welder this afternoon, couldn't wait to set it up and burn some metal. It took a while to set cause the recepticle for the welder was out of reach so we just ran some new line to a new location. then went to the CANDY store (airgas) and came back with some goodies. finally around 3pm the welder came to life, I have to say welding with spoolmate was realy simple. I ran a few beads with 4043 on some cast AL, and it ran sweet. the only problem was trying to get the AL clean a possible. we have a dedicated wire wheel for AL, but after I ran a few beads I noticed a black film over the weld. can anybody relate to this?


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                Is it possible that the wire wheel you used somehow contaminated the aluminum? Was the wheel you used brand new or was it used before?

                I an an newbie to welding ... have the MM210 and 3035 but have no tried aluminum YET. Need another botle and gas.

                From reading I know that aluminum must be more than clean and welded shortly after cleaning.

                ALSO I read somewhere you should used a Stainless Steel Wirebrush and never use it on anything else but aluminum.

                Here is one URL I read on AL welding - the guy is talking TIG but the cleaning tips should still be valid.



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                  harcosparky, I totally agree with you, but I already had a brand new stainless steel wire wheel. I thinking it maybe the oil inbeded in the material or the cast itself. I remember in TIG class a few years ago I welded a tranmission housing. it took me about a half hour just burn out the oil before laying down any filler. maybe this black film is only with spoolguns, not realy sure, enless some one could correct me.