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    Well fellas I am back, still haven't got my divorce done but am going to relocate to Indianapolis or surrounding communities. I have a truck, 28' enclosed trailer, MM210 and D200DX along with most of the normal tools as well as a small lathe, drill press and a few other toys of imaginable necessity.

    Here is the trick I need a job, and I need it fairly quickly. I can do most types of welding although my AC tig has gone to crap. I am qualified 6G AWS, and can do most types of fabricating. I have been a crew chief of a race team and was a Production Supervisor in a Print shop for several years. I have been welding for about 8 years and seriously for about 4 taking all the classes Ivy Tech offered here completing all classes with straight A's, haven't finished the degree yet but that will have to wait at the moment.

    I am a hard worker and will always work till completion. I have been bidding, on a job as a contractor, but doubt the job will swing my way.

    Anyway, any leads toward a job in Indy will be appreciated.


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    Welcome back Paul. I don't know anyone in that area but I'm sure someone here will. Hope everything works out for you.
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      Good to hear from you Paul. Although I can't be of much help on the employment front I hope you find work soon. Good luck to you. Keep us informed on how things work out.
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        Lots of weld work in and around the Tulsa OK area. I know that's not where you plan on going but it's here if need be.

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          Thanks guys but, it has to be Indy, I've got family there and a special someone I am getting to know better. I would hate to say it but I'll do nearly anything, except Printing- 25 years of my life is enough.



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            Good to hear from you again, sounds like things might be looking up for you. Hope you find a job soon ... don't be a stranger.
            Regards, George

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              Paul, you might go into google and do a job search for your area. I looked into it and got into I typed in welding and found a few jobs on it. One was for a C.F. Roark Welding and Engineering Co. Inc. they were looking for a full time tig welder. I didn't see a phone number for them.

              I am sure if you get to looking there would be several other jobs that you might find of interest by typing in your area for jobs in Google.


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                Sorry I can't help you out on the job hunt, but its good to see you back. Good luck on the hunt, I'm sure you'le find some thing.
                To all who contribute to this board.
                My sincere thanks , Pete.

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                  Thanks for the look Newbie, I had that one from the star and new add. I appreciate the help. If anyone knows of a solid company looking for freelance Mobile welding services I can and will acquire the machinery to finish the gaps in my machinery list. Its only money right! Besices I've been looking at the Trailblazer302 and it so nice. Hard to pass on new machinery! Or I guess I could just borrow a Bobcat from someone I know with an extra, but that is being cheap!!!



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                    Paul S., Here is your answer.
                    Pick up a cheap portable welder, put on a clean pair of work clothes, Shave, take the cigarette out of your mouth if you smoke, comb your hair, wash your truck, get some business cards and find a big industrial park, and knock on every single door in the place. when your done in that park head to the next one and dont stop.
                    I dont mean knock on 10 doors a day, I mean a 100 doors a day.
                    I forgot to say make sure you have your equipment with you and ready to work.
                    This is what I did.
                    When I had knocked on every door in every industrial park within 20 miles I started all over again. I then stopped at the more promissing places to let them know I still needed work.
                    At the end of every day I usually came home with money.
                    Doing this will require putting your pride and eego in your back pocket and a smile on your face.
                    Good luck in your search.
                    I did this for the first few months of being in business and still have a some of those customers from 1988


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                      Paul go to some of the local welding supply stores and ask the guys there,they always know who needs help and whos decent to work for


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                        Most everything around here is union work and I can do more than wait for 5 years to achieve journeyman level. I know a few of those and I tig better than any of them I know. Seems like a waste of talent to me. More than anthing I would like to find a large job going on without union involvement. Indy is hurting for welders but you get crap if you don't have a journeyman union card.


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                          Paul is there any metal supply dealers you could ask, I know here we only have one locally. He is alway busy and he is always in the know of who is building what or who is needing something built.

                          If nothing else drop by and give him a calling card, I had someone call me Friday and ask why he couldn't find any welders in the area and he was even having trouble finding a phone number for any.


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                            try stopping by the local steel suplier , I go by and get odds and ends all the time and he has offered me jobs a lot . . . heck he just ofered me a job Friday when I stopped by.
                            they know all kinds of welders and shops that buy steel from them and they sometimes know when welding / fab shops need welders . . or maybe sub.contract something out.

                            also you may have to stop by several times untill he gets to know you.
                            and sometimes dropping off a box of do-nuts in the morning helps

                            just my thoughts



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                              As I have said in the past before and after the issues in your life came about.............
                              If ever you want to "get away"
                              head on down to sunny AZ............
                              I have a stall for you and have contacts that would love to put you to work....
                              You have my contact info.....

                              If you don't let me know.....