Ok the deal is done and the TA is shipped to its new owner. First let me say that the TA was my first tig welder and I would recommend it to anyone as it worked flawless for me. As many of you know I bought it because of its value as compared to the Dynasty200DX that I really wanted. Well I really never stopped wanting that Dynasty200DX (notice I didn’t say need here, just want). So now I am in a better position to get whatever I want (within reason) and with that in mind I ordered a Dynasty200DX from my local LWS today. I did not get the contractor kit as I don’t care for the miller remote so I ordered one from SSC controls (in chrome no less), it appears to be a dead ringer for the one that came with the TA185 which I liked very much. I have enough torches, and I only need to make up a work lead and clamp. Good thing it will be a few days to get here as I thought when I built the tig cart I made the shelves big enough to fit the Dynasty, seems I was off an inch or so in the length, so they will need to be modified. No problem as I wanted to do a drawer like Rocky did on his cart anyway. Well that’s the story, oh yeah, the power upgrade I spoke of is mainly to get another 230V line so I can use both the plasma cutter, and the new 230V compressor I am going to get, at the same time. Pictures to come.