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Vertical bandsaw, what are you using ?

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  • Vertical bandsaw, what are you using ?

    Looking for a new bandsaw.

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    Lots of choice.
    Barry Milton

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      Originally posted by precisionworks View Post
      Lots of choice.
      Yeah, thats why I wanted feedback on what people were using.


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        I use my Jet in the vertical position a lot. i don't even bother to put the table on it - just hold the stock on the blage guide and go slow! Not very effective for wide material, though.

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          Yeah, I'm looking to upgrade from the small 4x6


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            I have the jet 7x12 vertical/horizontal, but i honestly don't ever use it vertically.
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              Tigman 47,
              I have a Turn pro 7x12 (pic 1) I think it's the best saw for the money in the 7x12 size. There's a bunch of the same saw under different names available. I would look at Enco they have the best prices I could find.
              Pic 2 is my vertical. It's awesome! That's all I can say about it.
              Good luck,
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                Tigman, I have a Wilton vertical bandsaw and it works very well. It is not as heavy duty as Bulldog's but it works very well for what I use it for. I use it to cut some tubing, but usually use the chop saw, and a lot of plate both aluminum and steel from 1/8 to 1/2 inch and it works great as long as you use a bi-metal blade. You can use a carbon steel blade and it works good (did that for the first little while) but the bi-metal works so much better and lasts much longer. Hope this info. helps.