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  • Anybody have one of these?

    I got a new tool today (well, it's new to me). I don't know the official name, but I've heard them called pin gougers. It's a torch used to gouge a hole through the center of a pivot pin in heavy equipment. Makes removing a seized pin much easier. Consists of a hose that connects to an oxygen tank, cables that connect to a 12 volt battery for lighting the rod, and the handgrip that holds the rod and a valve to stop and start the oxygen. I've never seen one in action, and the guy I bought it from couldn't offer much help. I figured Coalsmoke, Admweld or somebody here had used one before.
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    what about good ole tigman mabey he has used one????

    just kidding, they have their place, for removing welds i prefer a carbon arc gouger, but for cutting massive thicknesses or plunging a hole the slice system works better. cover up though it's a nasty little bugger and it gobbles up more oxygen than my grandma

    just hook up the gun lead to the ground of the battery the striker plate to the positive. then incert a cutting rod, drop your hood touch the rod to the striker (at quite an angle) while starting the oxygen flow. when the arc establishes you can remove the striker completly it will keep cutting until you run out of rod or you pull it away.

    good luck and have fun!!
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      ???? Oxygen Lance


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        Originally posted by calweld View Post
        ???? Oxygen Lance
        I think this may be a small version of what my freinds in Tucson used to cut a drag line bucket, there was so many layers of differant metal that a regular torch would'nt work.
        It consisted of a 10' length of 1 1/4 pipe (give or take) full of small rods, about 1/8" dia. This was conected to a cascade of O2 bottles. They used an OA torch to heat the bucket to start the process, and then turned on the O2 through the pipe and removed the torch. The contraption filled the valley with red smoke , but It did slice the bucket in two.
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          The Exothermic Process

          Yes Those are both different styles of the exothermic process. Tweco/ Arcair has their line of Slice torches. And Broco has their line of Primecut torches. they come in a couple of sizes. the most common ones use 1/4 to 3/8 rods in different lengths to 3 & 4 feet long they burn down at a rate of about 1/2" a second so they dont last long but burn so hot it doesn't take long to get the job done. They will burn through almost anything. I saw a demo where they were poking holes in firebricks and chunks of concrete. Then You get to the big mommas the burning bar / Oxygen lance. They are 1/2" & 3/4" diameter pieces of pipe with Exothermic material inside you needs a whole lot of oxygen to keep these mommas lit. we mainly sell them to gravel pits & excavators when they run into a rock thats too big to move. They use the lance to bore holes in them big rocks then hit them with something to crack em in half & move em outta the way.
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            sounds a lot like an extheromic broco torch


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              Tigman250, I knew I was forgetting somebody. I haven't been around here much lately.

              I think mine uses 1/4" rods. I got the torch and a whole box of rods for $200. I thought that was a good deal. The guy told me the rods were like $1.40 each. The box looks like it has over a hundred rods in it. There's only a few guys around here that have one, so it should pay for itself pretty fast. The best thing about it is it's portable. All you need is a battery and some oxygen.

              Removing frozen pins is mostly what I'll use it for. Any tips on keeping it cutting straight and staying out of the bosses?
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                I too have one of those.Mine is the arcair version called a "slice torch".
                As stated they do burn rods quickly but they will cut through a lot of material in that time.Used mine to burn master pins,and hyd.cyl pins that are frozen,slick tool.Only advice I can give you is the more you use it the more comfortable you`ll be with it.It just takes practice.


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                  Do you know if this can be used with any type of welder instead of oxygen?