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    well got started on my creeper tonight, i have the frame welded up and wheels mounted (temporarily) tomarrow i hope to bend the diamond plate for the platform and make a headrest, when that's finished i will cut off the caster studs and call it done.

    the first and second are an over all picture, third is the 3/4" ground clearance (and some welds) fourth is the wheel and mount i bent, and fifth is some more welds.
    please don't be too critical of the welds, my filler rods were trashed from living atop the welder un protected i wire brushed them all to hide the contamination.

    this prompted another project for tonight....i made some PVC tube rod holders need to hit the LWS now and fill them up!
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    nice work Tig.....can't wait to see the finished product.

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      Hey Tigman,

      that creeper is sweet. . . I like it
      nice welds to
      custom made is good

      Great work !



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        Nice work tigman! I look forward to seeing the pics of the completed project.
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          Oh Poo. Another project idea. Looks great and it's a neat project. Now if I had a little more ambition and a lot more time! LOL

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            well here it is with the platform on, i might make it narrower (<--is that even a word?) i think it is too wide right now it may catch too many sparks and funnel them to my back.....ouch!

            i'm still trying to decide if i want to make the headrest so it tilts up or if i should just mount a cushon to the platform and be done with it. i think back and even when i do use a creeper with the tilt option i rarely use it.....but on the other hand i have a prety nice creeper so why not have all the trinkets let me know what you all think.
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            The one that dies with the most tools wins

            If it's worth having, it's worth working for


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              Did you bend the diamond plate for stregth ? If its funneling sparks, maybe you could turn it upside down and notch the lips to fit around the caster legs. Looks nice though. I can't even remember if i've ever really used the head rest on one, but it probably wouldn't hurt to have an adjustable one.
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                Wow, looks good!
                I like the wheels. I never use a creeper that doesn't roll easily. I was working on the exhaust system of a car, while the back end was raised up with an air cyl bumper lift. It had a mechanical lock to hold its height, so we didn't use jack stands. I hear this scritch-screech noises (not very loud), look overhead/back at the bumper lift, and see it jerk back an inch, hesitate a moment, and then spit out from under the bumper! I was already grabbing a hold of the frame when I saw the first movement, and threw myself sideways toward the side of the car. I just cleared the edge of the car body when it came down. If I had been on the other creeper that didn't roll too well, I would have died that day. (obviously, this was back in the days when cars had real steel bumpers, and frames!)



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                  Dang Will,

                  I am glad you are here today to tell about the jack fall
                  really glad you did not get hurt or Killed . . wow



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                    after seeing your creeper I went to wal-mart and saw that they have a creeper that has a head rest that will lay flat and then if you want it up you just lift up the head rest and it has a little piece of round rod that will come down and set in a pocket to suport the head rest. you will have to lift the rest and move the suport rod ( fold it under ) then it will lay down. the head rest is on a long hindge.
                    maybe with this you can have both.
                    I hope this helps