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can stainless steel be tig welded to titanium

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  • can stainless steel be tig welded to titanium

    i have been having a problem while welding ss to titanium . can it really be welded and if so can you let me know the proper way of doing it . i have been cleaning both metals , and i have been plurging the titanium tube with argon while welding the ss to it . but no matter what i do it still wants to crack on me . i have even went and made a tent and put both metals in it to weld . it seems that i just waste alot of argon , and that stuff is not cheap . any help you can let me in on will help out alot . thanks for your time

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    can stainless steel be tig welded to titanium??

    Short answer is no.


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      The following is an excerpt from Deutsche Titan, written Nov. 2000 and located here :

      Welding titanium with other metals presents great difficulties due to embrittlement caused by the formation of intermetallic phases. Numerous tests to join titanium with molybdenum, tantalum, silver and vanadium by the TIG process without filler metal have resulted, with the exception of vanadium and silver and with niobium and hafnium, in welds of limited ductility.

      Welding steel with titanium is very difficult due to the low solubility of iron in alpha titanium at room temperature. When titanium is welded with steel the intermetallic phases TiFe and TiFe2 form, which are very hard and brittle and prevent the production of technically useable welds.

      One way to achieve ductile welds of steel and titanium is to use intermediate layers of materials capable of being welded with both titanium and steel, without brittle phases occurring. One such material is vanadium. Titanium/vanadium/steel joints have been produced successfully by resistance spot, electron beam and diffusion welding.

      In the same way, initial plasma overlay welds using titanium grade 2 and grade 12 on HII boiler plate have been carried out successfully, with intermediate layers of copper.

      Niobium is suitable for intermediate passes to produce serviceable copper-titanium welds, while silver has proved successful in the production of aluminum/titanium joints.

      Another way of making welds between titanium and other metals such as stainless steel or aluminum is friction welding. In most cases however a loss of strength in the weld must be expected.

      These methods of welding titanium with steel and other metals are special processes that for reasons of cost (intermediate passes) or shape (friction welding) are restricted to specific applications and are not yet widely used in volume production.

      To produce flat, large-area joints between titanium and other metals explosive cladding has proved successful and is already being used on a routine basis.


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        I gotta go with "NO".
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          well i do know it is hard to weld , but i have been lucky to get it to bond . i have been doing alot of o2 senser's in a argon tent for mortorcycle muffler's. i was looking for a cheaper way of doing it . but thank's guy's for all your in put . i just didn't like the waste of argon i have to go thur . i all ways have to let it cool in the argon tent . again thank's everyone .