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When are the 375 Extreme plasmas going on sale?

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    Thanks for the reply and the welcome back! I've been checking in but not posting too much.

    I recently became unemployed (now self-employed) and have been working on ringing the cash register. Michigan's economy has been sucking buttermilk but I've been pretty lucky in scoring some decent jobs.

    I've also been volunteering at the local community college as the welding lab technician. I get to spend a lot of time making things needed for the lab and I get to use any of the tools in the lab (press brake, pan brake, shear, ironworker, plasmacam, powdercoating system) for my own use. It has really worked out great.

    Thanks for the link on the compressor, I checked it out right away. That is a great compressor. Great specs for the plasma (and the construction that I also do). I should have it by the end of the week. What little extra cash I have has been going into equipment. Just got a blast cabinet from TP Tools with an air dryer from Eaton Compressors (to go with my Quincy 80gal compressor) etc, etc.

    Well back to work!
    Bob Sigmon
    Dynasty 200DX w/ Coolmate 3
    Miller Passport
    LMSW-52T Spot Welder
    A/O Setup with Meco Midget
    Miller Big Window Elite
    Quincy QT-5HD