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weld a piston?

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    thanks revlimit. I missed out on the job because nobody in town knew anything about that alloy but I'll know for next time. I had suspicions that 4043 would work from what I read elsewhere on the internet. I'm sure noone gives filler reccomendations because of the liabilities involved. I only needed to fill some fairly small divots from valve impact. Apparently, it takes 5 weeks to get one of these pistons!! The machinist decided to mill it a little and run it as the gouges weren't too deep. While digging around on the internet I found some info about 'Scandium modification' in 2XXX series alloys to make them more weldable, if anybody cares to learn more. Doesn't do much good though since apparently nobody sells scandium modified rod.


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      Divots, Ouch!

      "I only needed to fill some fairly small divots from valve impact"

      Divots, talk about divots, here is a slug from my '63 409 425HP from ~'64-'65, wifey was driving at the time, broke a valve spring, which I had several before but this was the first to break both inter and outer springs. As you can see valve head broke off, danced around, punched two holes, however due to the combustion chamber in the cylinder bore no damage to the head. No welding here,Dealer supplied a new slug and springs and back on the road.
      So much for humor.
      Good day all
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        I might have to give it a try when I have the opportunity. thank you
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