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    I guess I am the exception. I bought HF air tools very early on and still use those same air tools. They work just as good as the IR air tools I have. I do oil any air tool before use which could account for their longevity. I usually grab the HF tools first by habit.

    My advice is buy what you can afford.


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      The cheap tools you usually cannot get rebuild kits. The quality tools you can rebuild. All of the Snap-on, and Hutchins tools that I have seen are made in the US except for their Blue-Point line they are cheaper. The Japanese tools are very well made if not better than the tools made in the US. China not so good..

      One thing I cannot stand are cheap air drills the chuck will get where it wont hold a bit, just for a good chuck is about $75.00. I have a Snap-on drill that looked brand new that I bought from a place here called "RE-TOOL" for $100.00 and its $300.00 drill. I don't know how they can make a drill for $30.00..

      A friend of mine bought the HF die grinder and angle die grinder, they got where the bearing had alot of play in them and didn't have much power not to mention the outside of them get very cold when in use. He had to replace them, I believe with some IR ones. Then when he saw my MAC cut off tool he went and bought one of those to replace his HF one.

      I think it just depends on how much you use your tools.
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        i have used some hf grinders, they are a steal. But IMHO you get wat you pay for. I've used cheaper impact tools too and they are considerable less powerful than the better stuff. What good is an air wrench if it can't loosen the bolts you bought it to loosen. I had a craftsman impact that i tossed when i got my 231. The harbor frieght grinder i had literally flew apart as i was grinding. They aren't as smooth or powerful, and don't have the torque or control of the IR stuff. Since he seens to have enough money for a good compressor it makes sense to buy good air tools to go with it. Personally, i hate to buy a tool twice!
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          if you have the $$ to get a good one right off, thats the best way to do it. but some times you have to get by with what you can get and upgrade to a good one later. if i had the $$$ all my air tools would be IR but sadly enough right now they are all HF due to the $$$ i have to spend. i still haven't replaced the strait die grinder i got from HF that died a week after i got it, but the cut off tool and 90% die grinder are going strong, as for the impact driver.... works great.... ...... as long as you loosen the bolt with something else and do the final tightening again with some thing else....... .........ok so really it just spins the loose nuts on and off but wont tighten or loosen them.i suppose its really not the best tool for the job but i don't have the $250+ to get a good one yet, get a good one if at all possible in any thing you expect tork or power from the cheepos just wont get it.
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
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            I would let Your intended usage determine what You buy. My most often grabbed air tool is My cut-off die grinder... it's a CP, next is My 90 Deg. cut-off tool.... it's CP also... next is My 1/2" impact.... it's CP....My 3/8 butterfly impact I use more than I thought.... it's a Porter-Cable... My impact hammer I got the best one CP makes....but My sheet metal nibbler was a waste of $$$$$, it's P-C also....I've used it once and doubt I ever use it again. I also have a 3/8" right angle P-C air drill I'm disappointed in... so I use My corded DeWalt's or a drill press for all My drilling. Notice the pattern?
            My 1/2" impact is a CP #734....good for it's day 25 yrs ago. I bought Son an I-R Thundergun and it's twice the impact My old CP is... We also have CP & IR 3/8" air ratchets which are very handy for engine disassembly and some assembly but the 3/8" butteryfly is much faster and less dangerous. I had a cheap import air ratchet and it was a waste of $$$$.
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              I totally agree with Powerstroke. If you intend to really use the pneumatics, you shouldn't waste your time or money with cheapies. The purpose is to make your life easier and if they make you compromise you've wasted your money. Die grinders that stall, impacts that won't break bolts, shears that don't shear, why bother??

              If your a hobbiest and occasional user it's not a big deal but still annoying.
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                Well, I've taken everybody's advice, once again. I have started purchasing used tools off ebay, but the tool supply store in town is having a sale on IR and CP tools, I think I am going to buy a bunch of tools while they are still in stock. They seem to be priced reasonably close to online prices, and even cheaper after shipping.

                So far, from ebay, I bought an air ratchet and an air drill Right now, I don't know why I bought either one, I just wanted to, I guess. What I really need are die grinders (sanding equipment), and maybe an impact wrench (but not really).

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                  I, like most people here am a big beleiver in quality tools, but I did buy a harber freight die grinder becouse it was only $5.00 and it still works although I have to start it by hand now and then. If you can get something under $10.00 it might be worth it for a temp. tool but any thing more than that , you might as well get some thing you know you can trust. As far as the spray gun I would not consider junk at all.
                  To all who contribute to this board.
                  My sincere thanks , Pete.

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                    I've been looking for a stronger right angle die grinder & straight die grinder for quite a while. IR makes a light duty version (.3HP), a meduim duty unit (.7HP) and a heavy duty model (1.0HP). All are pretty pricey, around $600 at most web stores.

                    I bought these two on eBay, the .7HP model uses 26CFM

                    And the 1.0HP model that needs 45CFM

                    No where else to buy that kind of quality for 25 cents on the dollar
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                      I LOVE those IR cyclones. I had four and still have two. I love air tools when someone else is paying to compress the air.


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                        Spinner, i have the air ratchet you just purchased but in half inch drive, seems like a good unit looks like you got a awsome deal!


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                          Western Tool?

                          If not, clue me in. I'll be in Chico tomorrow.

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                            Skyway Tools is where the sale is going on (even though it's probably too late today). It's at their [new] loaction on Skyway, on the left just before you leave Chico headed to Paradise.

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