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  • Son's new toy

    I know I am a new member but I thought I would jump right in and share some pictures of one of our latest projects. It is a custom go-kart that my son and I built. Like I mentioned earlier in my introduction that I just can't leave anything alone.
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    Nice job Mike! Is that the stock plastic cover on the torque converter, and if it is, what kind of paint did you use on it?


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      nice work Mike

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        Thanks rmack. It is the original cover. I scuffed it with a scotchbrite pad and used PPG epoxy primer for adhesion then light coats of bases and candies over that then let it set for about an hour and three coats of clear. The pictures really don't do the color justice, it jumps in the sun.


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          Looks nice from what I can see. Those pictures are way too small to get a good look though.
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            I too like what I see.Whats on it for power?If I missed this earlier I`m sorry,To many long days and shorter nights.


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              Thanks for your appreciation. The engine is a 5.5 HP Briggs & Stratton OHV engine with a Comet variable ratio transmission. We removed the original air cleaner and machined an aluminum adapter to mount a small K&N chrome air filter and removed the stock baffle type muffler and made a straight pipe in which we had HPC coated.


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                Originally posted by KB Fabrications
                Looks nice from what I can see. Those pictures are way too small to get a good look though.
                it looks really cool but i can't see it!
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