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  • O/A torch kit help

    I just bought a Lincoln 175HD and am looking around for a cutting torch. The thickest I will ever cut will be at most 2". The torch will mainly be used for light duty cutting and heating around the shop. I doubt I will ever weld with it.

    I did a search on here and people seemed to like Victor and Smith. I was looking on ebay and they have these Victor compatible setups for about $80 to the door.

    I figure this would be fine for anything I would be doing. But, how are the quality on these torches? Will they hold up to a bit of abuse? I take very good care of everything I purchase so the torch isn't going to be thrown around or dropped. Is this a "safe" torch? "Safe" meaning flashback protection and all that.

    Any drawbacks to this cheaper torch?
    Lincoln Weld Pak 175 HD

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    Anyone have any advice before I go out and buy a torch?
    Lincoln Weld Pak 175 HD


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      the victor knock offs do not have flash arrestors on them some do come with check valves,look around for a victor set you should be able to get on for about $150.00-$200.00 wich includes torch with built in flashback arrestors and a warrenty


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        Thanks. I found a Victor Superrange II kit on ebay for $190 to the door. Then there was another seller trying to get around $70 more for the same kit.

        I figure $190 is a nice deal for the torch kit.
        Lincoln Weld Pak 175 HD


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          I also found a Victor proline kit for $105 shipped. I could not find the proline series on victors website. Are they nice torches also?
          Lincoln Weld Pak 175 HD


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            I am not sure but I think you said thet you may be getting up to 2" thick cuts?
            That is a lot of steel to be cutting through with the torch.
            Smith has a nice small set up that you can change the tips to accomodate a thicker cut. Any thick cut like that require a preheat on top and bottom in order to get the metal moving.
            A normal setting would be 7-10 lbs on the acet and 35-40 on the ox, depending on the thickness and tip size.
            good luck


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              I've been doing some similar research on torches. One thing I look at is what torch handle and cutting attachment the outfit uses. Then I look to see what cutting and heating tips are available for that combo. In the case of the Proline, I see neither, so I would pass on that one. Plus that outfit doesn't come with a heating wand, which you said you wanted. A heating wand can cost up to $50-60. If the Super Range comes with a heating wand, then that may be a better deal in the long run. Plus you know which torch handle, cutting attachment and tip series it will use.