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any one have people pc, i need a new ISP

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    looks like it might be a moot point today the wants to keep it so she doesn't have to change her e-mails
    Its sad that sticking with a worthless service is because of the email address but a lot of people do it including myself. As mentioned before, just go with a yahoo, google or hotmail address and you can change isp every day and nobody will ever know. Also, you can easily access email anywhere in the world and state-of-the-art virus protection as well as decent spam protection. And it free.

    The domain thing is kinda neat but it helps if you have something to advertise whether its family photos or selling something. It costs a few dollars per year to own the domain name and then a monthly fee for someone to host it for you. Building a webpage is not rocket science, just a learning curve.

    I am also looking at peoplepc because they are nationwide but haven't done it yet.