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  • Subframe connectors

    Looking for a recommendation on tungsten size to use for welding these subframes on a vehicle the plate on the end of the frame connectors are a tad under 1/8" so I figure around 125 amps should be sufficient, 1 amp per .001" of material. These will be getting welded to the unibody structure of a vehicle which I believe is 14 gauge or a tad thicker in some areas. I have ceriated and lanthanated tungsten in both 1/16" and 3/32" inch. Should I just base my choice on current capacity or should I use the thicker tungsten. Miller lists 1/16" as being for 70-150 amps and 3/32 for 150-250 amps
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    TIG for these is going to be slow hard work....
    I've always used MIG on these and never had a problem. Quick and clean.
    My 2 cents worth.
    But IF you're gonna go with TIG, I would think the 3/32" would work ok and set the amperage per your estimate, then adjust accordingly once you get started to accommodate for any material thickness changes.

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      just curious as to why you would want to tig these.........i have tubbed out several cars....... and have never even considered tig welding the sub frame connectors........if this was going to be a show car where you could see every inch of the car at a show up on stands....i might consider it,.....not trying to start anything, down you in anyway, just wondering where the mear thought of this came from....the customer, appearance.....etc

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        you can weld down to 30 amps with a 3/32 lanthanated tung. cut with 20 degree taper and a .020” flat. the 3/32 is realy the work horse of the sizes for the dyn.200
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
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          Most cars floors don't weld to well with tig. They will spit garbage in Your cup, and elsewhere, although You can get silicon bronze to lay down if You keep the heat close to a min. I would use mig if I were You. Carl.


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            I agree with Marty. Everyone I know ( including me ) that installs subs migs them in.