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OT bad weather in Tenn. area

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  • OT bad weather in Tenn. area

    Seems like those folks can`t get abreak from some wicked storms.Hope those of you that live in those affected areas are doing OK.Anyone heard from Hawk or others from that area?

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    I sent an email to HAWK the other night, but haven't heard back. Hopefully you guys are making it through ok.


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      I live in sumner county where most of the damage happened friday.My 30 min drive home turned into a 4.5 hour trip. A tornado went thru a small downtown area in a town named Goodlettsville, it tore up alot of stuff, you think of tornados blowing up mobile homes-but this riped apart very old solid block and concrete buildings. The twister that went thru this town started close to main street went thru some small shops,then a grocery store,then a good size tool and die shop, lots of smaller buildings too, crossed the interstate (65) went down the bank and ripped the front off a huge church.Its crazy to see a 4-5 story building missing it front with all the "guts" hanging out and 10 feet away is a flimsy no parking sign that looks like it just came from the factory.The tool and die shop was a older metal and block building with good size beams not like the thinner "engineered" metal buildings now, but real I-beams, now they look like primer colored ribbons.Hail also got alot of cars. I will try to get some pics of this stuff that metal guys can relate to, they keep showing the church on tv here,but not the other side of the interstate where lots more happened.


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        Eric, that's good news to hear you are ok. Pictures would be neat. Any word yet on Hawk or others?


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          Good to hear you are okay. This last storm on Friday basically missed me. We had T-storms and small hail, but no real damage. The previous storm had high winds and left 3 inches of superball sized hail, but again no bad damage.

          coalsmoke and stick rod:

          Most of the damage was closer to the plateau area and I am down in a valley a couple of hours away. There have been some bad twisters come through and clean the ridge lines, one pulled my shop off the foundation a few years ago.

          This is the season for these storms and and all you do is wait them out. The TB always come in handy for aux power.


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            Here in Knoxville, we got a really heavy lightning storm, with lots of thunder. It kicked off power to a lot of people, but no real damage was reported otherwise. Well, I did hear a few car lots advertising hail damaged cars...but they could have been shipped from other areas to here.


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              I recently ordered a nose bar for my National brake, they are made in Smartt Tenn. It has not arrived yet and I'm hopeing that they did not get hit with the storm. I'm glad to here that you guys are all right but say a prayer for the less fortunate.
              To all who contribute to this board.
              My sincere thanks , Pete.

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                I was looking at some handrail at a house in a high-end suburb of Nashville when my wife called and said it was hailing at my house, then I relized there was a unfamilair siren sound, it was the towns tornado siren. The papers say that this is why most people that got hurt or killed in the storms last week (sun night I think), they didnt know what the siren was.I tend to ignore a far off siren if Im not in a chem. plant or some place dangerous. guess I learned my lesson.


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                  Glad to hear everyone is doing OK.Sorry to hear about you all going through this stuff,we`ll be thinking about you.Hope the weather straightens itself out soon.


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                    Everything is OK here in lower East Tennessee too.(About halfway between Chattanooga & Knoxville) We got a lot of rain & a little hail, but that was about it...Thanks for thinking about us...& continue to for the ones that took a major hit.
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