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    The infamous 350 diesel is pretty much junk, nasty and expensive. With the crate motors now days its hard to beat the price vs rebuild, for a driver. I've seen some weird transplants before, Ford in a '51 Chevy for instance, but that's what might float your boat. I recently sold an LS1 w/trans for $5k so the engines are out there and better than a boat anchor. I'm thinkin 572cid, LOL. Just my 2ยข
    Good luck


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      if its a true z/28 (which I doubt) you would be very foolish to do anything that dumb with it.....unless your planning on doing a perfect resto on it sell it to someone that will....

      The desiel engine weighs tooo much for a subframed car let along one that is over 30 years old.....meaning that it wont work -

      once again we must remember that there are thousands of z/28 clones outthere and only a handfull of real dz302-z28 camaros left on earth and they need to be cherrised not hacked apart


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        Don't Do It!

        Sell the diesel engine, use the money to buy yourself a used chevy 350/th350 or 4-speed setup or better yet, a used, 70s Camaro with a bad body but with the above and a rear end and exhaust that might fit (I'm not sure if it will or not but I'm sure it could be adapted easy enough). Plus you'd get a driveshaft and shifter and other stuff you might need. To adapt a diesel you'd need to modify the fuel tank, fuel lines, filter/water seperator, wiring, etc.--the list is extensive. Plus if it is a Ford (International) 6.9/7.4 liter diesel it is easily twice as heavy as a Chevy small-block not to mention the transmission (stick or auto) is a monster, as well. The oil pan and firewall will probably have to be modified. Not to discourage you, but talking from experience, you'll end up loosing interest because of the complexity of the project vs if you drop in something that is a "bolt-in". You'll see progress on a regular basis and maybe even finish it so you can drive it! If you had your heart set on a diesel, I'd adapt an Olds 350 diesel if you can find one. Use the motor mounts from a later-model Trans-Am that had the Olds 403. It's going to be tough finding the diesel 350 because most have been converted back to gasoline or are in the boneyard. Good Luck!
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          Lets see. Other than being able to said you did it, I don't see any positives to what you propose. I echo the previous comments (except for using a small block ) I vote for a chevy big block, nitrous or better yet a big 6-71 or larger blower and a full floating 9" ford rear so you can change rearend gears easily and both drag race a little and have fun on the street.

          Whatever you do, don't hurt the body. That is a real classic.


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            don't worry guys i dicided to take your advice and buy a crate engine. I ordered a 302.