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    Pcam price

    Last new price I saw from Plasmacam was $8,9080.00 delivered.
    Now you need to have a PC, plasma cutter, compressor and deal with the smoke/dust......
    So I would say your in for around 12K...........

    3K for a used DHC with controller update and a torch sound like a great price....maybe too good to be true?
    Won't know till you see it.........

    I do know of one guy who purchased a used DHC from a bank that had in on a repo.....he paid $1,800.00. That's all they needed to cover their loss.

    Most of the used tables I've seen on Ebay go for around 6k.
    So even if the table you are looking at is 3k, has some damage or wear, $500 to plasmacam, then belts, maybe gears and a Z motor. your still under 5K at that point.....
    Worth a look IMO



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      Fine Cut consumbles/ water table or side skirts

      Have any of you used the Fine Cut Consumbles ? The reason for the question is that I am close to buying a plasma Cam table but lean toward an 2050 but from what I read in thread for small gauge sheet metal (12ga) for fine detal I should get an 375 ?? What about water table vs side skirts with ventlation fan?


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        Has anyone had any experience with a "Cutting System " unit? I just got a line on a nearly new one but am having a hard time finding much out about them. I have a model number of S-1000-6 if it is right. I was going to start a new thread to ask this but it seemed to fit here...not trying to hi-jack..sorry! Thanks, Jeff
        200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot


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          Fine cut consumables are a "HyperTherm" brand parts and DO NOT work in Miller plasmacutters.

          Next what is the level of detail you intend to cut?
          What is the thickest material you will be cutting?
          You can always turn the 2050 down but can't squeeze more then 27 amps out of the 375.
          I started with the 375 then bought a 2050 later, now I have the best of both..........
          You will need to deal with the smoke and dust.
          I built my own exhaust for the table with a 14" flex tube to get it outside. I did not want to be fishing parts out of a water pan and unless you cut under water you will still have smoke on the top side to deal with.
          That's why I went with a air system, but I'm in the SW so it works for me all year round to displace a large volume of air.
          Would not work real well in MN in January.......unless you like it cold in your shop...



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            Size of Tourch

            I am planning on cutting 12ga- 3/8 but really do not know. How detail I would not know either untill I saw the end result. I would like to supplement my retirement with some use of the plasma table. I am still in the planning stages and trying to come up with products to sell on EBay, or local smaller jobs. Leaning toward water table to minimize dust and sparks. Any suggestions I will take as valuable information. Thank you for the response. JZIMM


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              Where are you located at? I may know of someone in your area that is doing what you are thinking about.
              Here is my nickels worth of free advice.......
              If you want to sell on ebay and ship it to where ever, then keep it small, thin and simple, something you can make a lot of sell and then move on.
              Because someone out there WILL steal your design and make and sell it cheaper then you do.
              Keep your designs Private or you will see them FOR SALE on ebay.

              Next, find yourself a local welding shop or pipe fitter. Get to know them, see what kind of parts they cut out by hand, then offer to do some freebies on your table. Quality and timed saved will sell the jobs for you. Don't under sell yourself on this type of work. It will pay the bills if and when you get good at it. For this type of work I would go with the 2050 for sure.

              If you go with a water pan, you will still need to deal with the smoke on the top half.
              Read up on:

              Hope this helps.


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                Have plasmcam...will sell


                We just purchased 2 more milling machines and need to make some room.
                It's time to move the PLASMA CAM. It was used to cut some parts for chassis building but the real job it was intended for has now dried up. It was going to be used to cut SS for a local machine shop. I have a complete downdraft system and a Spectrum 625 that can go with it or be sold without.
                Email me if you want some pics.


                [email protected]