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Bernard free Q-gun swap for new MM?

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  • Bernard free Q-gun swap for new MM?

    My new MM251 is on its way. I heard a rumor that you can do the Bernard swap on the MM machines. However, the miller website suggests it's only the industrial wire feeders that are eligible. Can anyone confirm this rumor?

    More importantly, should I bother? I ran through the Q-gun wizard on Bernard's site and I got a headache from all the gun options they have. I didn't have a problem with my old M-25 so do you gain much with say a 300A Bernard? I think I have to make the call before I tear open the gun box.


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    I've never used the Bernard gun that your talking about but I put alot of miles on the standard gun that came with my 251 and I got ta tell ya I like that gun better then the gun that came with my 350P.
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      I personally like the Miller (handles) guns better..

      If you I believe they make the centerfire end parts for just about all of the popular guns now.

      Bernard seems to be pushing the centerfire a lot now



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        The standard Bernard handle is curved. A lot of people prefer the straight handles of the M-series gun. It should be noted that Bernard makes a straight handle as well, though it's less common.

        The Roughneck gun is the same as a Q-gun with fastip consumables instead of the centerfire consumables. Roughnecks are commonly available on ebay for around $100. Conversion to centerfire consumables takes a new diffuser, tips, and a nozzle. There are also tapered tips and nozzles that aren't available on M-series guns.
        - Heath


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          Well a guy on the miller project forum just got a new Q-gun for his new MM175 so I guess that confirms the fact that you can get the free upgrade on any new MIG machine. I suppose that means they'll be switching over all their guns to Bernard at some point. Still undecided......


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            Talked with Bernard yesterday and was told that you are only eligable for the gun exchange on the wire feeders & not the MillerMatic Series (not to dissapointed). I did upgrade my 251 to a 300amp Q series and love it with the tapper tip. It does the job and have yet to burn a tip and this unit gets some use..
            I was hoping to exchange the 400 amp unit that came with the 350P to a Centerfire unit but I was not eligable. Maybe they will start to include the MillerMatic series in the near future. The provided gun is not gonna see any usage any time soon.