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Help with Fillets on .035 stainless

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    I've used filler from 1/16" to .023" mig wire.
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      I spent several days and a lot of material rebuilding a gas tank for my car because of a similar problem to what you are experiencing. I got the shell of the tank mostly complete sans the top, and then tried welding in the baffles to the bottom. Warpage city to say the least. After fighting for two days trying to straighten it and get the baffles welded, I gave up and started over. I was using aluminum, but I don't think it really matters. Basically, the heat makes the metal expand, but since the edges are welded and constrained from movement (expansion also), the piece bends and warps. Thicker metal will be stiffer and not warp so quickly, so maybe that is an idea (if you are thinking about starting over).

      My second try came out much better. I changed the order in which I welded everything, same exact design otherwise. I will probably end up making one more tank later. Instead of welding every seam though, I will bend as many as I can...

      Good luck to you.


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        I agree with Joshua as far as bending as much as possible on some of these things. Attached is a photo of the 20ga shroud I built for the fan on the cooler, it was bent using the break I built that will handle 24". To hold it togeather I cut and bent tabs that were drilled for pop rivets (I could have just just used small tack welds I guess) then it was mounted with screws. And if it needs to be fuel tight the more bent seams the less likely it will leak IMHO.
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        Regards, George

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          try a slight bend on your flat piece your welding with a brake you will want to bend the piece back about 3/8" back from where your welding this will help it maintain its shape a bit better a bend of only 20 deg or so will help from the pic i saw looks like it may be doable.
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