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Finally took some pictures of my MIG beads, go easy please.

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  • Finally took some pictures of my MIG beads, go easy please.

    Well, I am back from vacation and have been really antsy to learn how to weld. I was able to spend some time in the garage today. I was pretty pathetic at first trying to use my new welding gloves from Harbor Freight. They were really stiff. I would be just about ready to weld and accidently hit the trigger causing the wire to stick out too much. That wasted a lot of time until I settled down, guess I was a little anxious.

    I ran some straight beads at first, then attempted a T joint. All welds were using C-25 gas, .030 wire on 1/8" steel using a drag technique.

    Please, go easy and don't forget, this is my first time Also, my digital camera is horrible, so I tried to get the clearest pics.

    I had a blast and was able to start to see the weld pool and how it affects the width of the weld. I think my big problem (actually, there are probably a bunch) is travel speed. I am not sure just how quick to move.

    I would also like to know how do I check penetration? I ended up laying this piece on the floor and banging it with a hammer. The vertical piece (though only 1/8" thick( bent all the way over and the weld did not crack or break.

    Also, what is that gooey looking stuff? I did not clean the metal, maybe I should use a grinder or wire brush next time.

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    I remember those days! Nothing a little practice won't fix!! Miller has a good article on mig welding here:
    that touches base on a lot of your questions. If you have not ordered Miller's student package it is well worth the investment. It has loads of information for us new guys.
    Best Regard,
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      Your getting the hang of it pretty quick. The slag stuff is just the silicon in the filler tying up all the crap you didn't grind off and bringing it to the surface. Cleaner base metal makes for nicer looking bead and easier wetting at the toes. Looking good though. You'll be hooked on that MM210 soon enough.
      Have fun.



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        looks good, just need practice now. work on concistancy in your motion that will take care of the irregular size bead you are getting. btw i prefer to push the bead rather than pull it, that's just me though.

        keep up the good work!
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          Looks like your off to a good start. Next time, instead of pulling the weld try pushing the puddle. It'll help flatten the bead out, and give you better visibility of the weld puddle. Penetration won't be an issue, because 1/8" is realitively thin metal. Actually though, I even push the puddle on thicker material, and have never had a weld fail on me yet, and some of my welds see some heavy abuse on a daily basis.

          Oh yeah almost forgot. when you traveling along you might need to incorporate a slight side to side motion in your travel to help the bead flow out a little better.


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            Thank you all, I love this welder!!!!

            I am probably incorrect, but I thought I read that you generally get better penetration pulling and a wider puddle pushing.

            I was pulling from left to right as this seem to give me the best view of the puddle. I supposed pushing will then go from right to left? I am righty so that would probably feel most comfortable.

            I plan on getting some thicker scraps, hopefully 1/4 inch stuff so I can tell how strong my welds are.

            My ultimate goal is welding on my race car (frame notch, cage, etc), but safety is always #1 in my mind so I know I have a lot of work to do before the car gets touched.

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              I agree with the others that you are progressing nicely. I also push almost all mig welds where I can, and only use a slight weave on thicker stuff at 1/4" and up. BTW, the pictures from you camera look fine and are easy to see IMO.
              Regards, George

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                Looks like your off to a great start. I agree with the guys push your mig welds! Once you get used to pushing the welds you'll find that your consistencey and quality of welds will improve greatly. Keep up the good work and keep the pics and questions coming! The guys here will help you to improve way faster then just doing it on your own.
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