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    I have a Maxstar 150 stl and have a line on a used 180SD in very good condition. By the time the deals are done and I sell the STL, it looks like I could upgrade for maybe 200 bucks or less. Question is (and hard to answer) is it worth it? I know I could add aluminum to my options, but what else am I gaining other than a lot weight and less floorspace? Jim

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    unless you are going to doing anything thicker, or if you don't relly need the ability to aluminum I would stick with the 150. If you go fo the 180sd though u get 30 more amps and the aluminum welding ability.


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      sorry i ment if your not going to do anything thicker


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        Your electric bill will go up unless you are turning the 180 off all the time. The 150 inverter draws hardly anything while idling. Both machines are good but with my tight shop space and budget, I'd stick with the 150. As always if you think that you will want to do some aluminum the scale might tip towards the 180. If you are considering future upgrades (ie - water cooled torch) that might also tip the scale to the 180.

        Bob Sigmon
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          Thanks guys for the input. Jim