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Miller Econotig 150A AC/DC TIG and Stick Welder

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  • Miller Econotig 150A AC/DC TIG and Stick Welder

    I ran across the following ad on craigslist.

    "Miller Econotig 150A AC/DC TIG and Stick Welder. Comes with 150A TIG torch, stick electrode holder, remote foot control, gas regulator and hose, and cart/cylinder rack. AC mode features high frequency operation. Does not include argon cylinder. $750.00"

    I have been stick welding with a AC/DC buzz box welder and a flux core wire welder for over ten years. I would like to try my hand at TIG welding. I have checked out the spec.s and it will handle the material thicknesses that I would be using.

    Is this a good welder for learning to do TIG welding and is this a good buy?

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    Not a good buy, buy a newer tig like a 175.


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      I think that if the machine is in great condition, fairly new (you can tell the year by the first two letters of the serial number), and you don't have to pay any shipping, then it's a reasonal buy. I prefer inverters but thats no reason anyone else has to and you can certinly tig weld within it limits, they don't have all the bells and whistles but are solid machines. I think new ones are going for over $1400 these days on ebay. You can pickup used Maxstar 150 STL's for about the same price but you would not be able to do aluminum, if that is a requirement for you. JMHO
      Regards, George

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        Lots of people give this machine a bad rap because of how expensive it is new and how little more you'd need to spend from buying new to get into a bigger/better machine.

        Seriously, WAKE UP! You're telling him to spend at least twice what this machine would cost for no reason other than it's not a synchrowave.

        I paid 600 for mine in decent shape back in October. It's a 2001 model and had some garage blem issues (like a little surface rust), but it was complete (foot pedals are over 100 bucks). For the money, this is a great little machine. You could get an idealarc 250/300 tig for about 8-900, but those are substantially larger in both capacity and size (not to mention more difficult to move). If space and ease of relocating the unit aren't a concern, I'd look at one of those. For something small and rather capable (the bottom end on the econotig isn't very low at 30A - but you have to go inverter or 3x the money to get something better down there), I think you'd be doing ok.
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          The Econotig is a good machine to learn on. I got a new one a while ago and I had never tig welded before. It's not the most versatile but at least you have the AC option. You could get a new machine off the internet for a little more money but you can save by choosing the right supplier who won't charge shipping or sales tax if you live in the right state. All the pros will turn up their nose at this machine but it's great for the guy in who doesn't need to weld all day long or on thick material.


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            Hey I'm new here and like what I have read thus far.In answer to the oldud I believe I bought the welder you are talking about if it is in North Carolina.I got it for $600.00 and haven't tried it out yet.I have been convinced by a friend that it will not do what I want so I am willing to let it go for what I've got in it.It's a 95 model and in excellent condition,so if your interested you can email me at [email protected]


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              Econotigs are in my opinion verry good for the hobbyist that has some skills with welding. I have used one and really liked the D/C preformance from 035 to 1/4" material. I can not tell a real differance between most rigs in straight D/C anyway. 025 requires some advanced skills. anything thinner I would not try.
              A/C preformance is acceptable as well 040 to 1/4" aluminum (1/4" area may require pre and continous additional heat) I have done Thicker than 1/4 with one.

              I'd say tig welding is 90% opperator and 10% rig in most situations.

              Econo tig is better than no tig, if you are working with a budgetget and want to tig get one.


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                Actually I finally got it hooked up yesterday.I am basically a hobbiest these days, although I was a professional welder for 12 years.I am extremely happy with the performance of this machine for the money.Been 20+ years since I picked up a tig torch but after about 1/2 hour of play time yesterday it's coming back to me.Think I'll hold onto this for awhile.


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                  The best of the 150's is the STH model. It is a bit higher price and well worth the cash. I've welded with the 150 in stick and tig and the arc is very nice, the D200DX is a better arc on burning hard starters, like Ni99 is a drag and the 150 didn't do very well for me on that repair. I returned to that job with my 200DX and made the repair, no issue. It may have been familiarity but I know the Dynasty fairly well and have burned alot of Ni99 on it. On tigging SS it's arc is very close to that of the Dynasty, you would have to have alot of hours on each to see the subtle differences.

                  To learn to tig steel that is a good machine and very versatile, but the ceiling on it is low.



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                    $600 is a very good price. The last used one to sell here went for almost $800.

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                      It does seem to get a bad rap on the forum just because it's not something else, like a dynasty or

                      I use one at work.....with tubing you can work it all day and probably never hit the duty cycle.........It does a good job up to it's thickness limits.....

                      It does a good job on aluminium.......but you will hit the duty cycle real quick......

                      So I'd say for steel it's just fine........small aluminum projects ok.......If you have alot of aluminum to do, You might want to look for some thing bigger


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                        Really the worst thing about the econotig is the duty-cycle when
                        welding aluminum. Also the torch really gets hot on that baby.
                        I welded with a older one and a newer model last year.

                        For the right price it be worth owning. Lets face it,
                        it would beat a standard mig/spoolgun on the thin stuff.
                        It's when you compare a new one to a Thermal-arc
                        185 it falls way way down. The price difference of new is
                        not that great for a machine that does everything better.
                        Used is another story. The Thermal will hold it's
                        price and the Miler lose half it's value right away.

                        I do think it's a good learning unit and also it
                        nice to have a tig around if you don't have one.