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Vertical Up with MIG

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  • Vertical Up with MIG

    I have been practicing vert. up at work for a test I have and none of the welds are turning out as nice as I would like. I am getting a large mound of weld right in the middle. I have tried going faster, wire speed slower/faster etc... but it still is there. I am using CO2, .045 solid wire, and ~23 volts and ~175ipm wire speed. Any ideas or hints?

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    search dandimands posts, there were similar problems there, and I described a T pattern for large openings when running wire vert up


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      When doing verticle mig up hand, turn your machine down lower than what you would if you were doing a flat.
      Then what you want to do is pause on the sides and run through the middle.
      Doing this will help eliminate the high mound in the center and let you fuse in on your toes. Good luck Portable welder.


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        if your allowed use 75/25 gas and turn your heat down a bit maybe around 20 to 21 volts . the other guy hit it on the button with how to run it do not whip up at the edges though and as you progress in your passes you may have to adjust your wire speed as when your in the root it will be a little slower than when your doing your cap . or turn the voltage down a bit for your cap. I did dual shield with co2 but its a different animal than hard wire.when your gettin close to your cap try to leave an edge so you can have something to go by when your running up.
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          I have to use CO2, and it has to be 23 volts. It's 3/8 plate, after more practice this afternoon I have it alright.